About us

We offer the opportunity to choose the simple solution with good material choices. For the discerning, we offer the opportunity to have many more choices at an extra cost.

When it comes to the building technology, we have chosen to use consistently proven methods and durable materials. The houses are built in concrete and stone therefore carrying all the advantages in regards to energy conservation, indoor climate and maintenance. For flexibility and future-proofing, it is possible to equip the houses with a smart-house system.

We have chosen to hire local companies to promote local business in the area. In order to ensure quality of our product, our project managers with several years of Swedish engineering background and Swedish building knowledge will supervise the construction process.

We hope and believe that you choose By Colibri in pursuit of fulfilling your dreams of living in the sun.

Our previous project

Los Poetas – Peñoncillo, Torrox, Costa Del Sol (SOLD OUT)

  • Los Poetas By Colibri 1
  • Los Poetas By Colibri 2
  • Los Poetas By Colibri 3
  • Los Poetas By Colibri 4
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